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Titanium Instruments with Tungsten Carbide (TC) Inserts

Surgical Instruments with Tungsten Carbide (TC) Inserts Unprecedented Titanium Scissors with TC Inlays provide 20000 perfect cuts without sharpening.

Titanium Needle Holders and Forceps with TC Inlays have ideal grasping due to micropyramidal surface of the inlays.

These instruments are nonmagnetic, noncorrosive, and almost twice as lighter in weight as their stainless steel counterparts.

Four years warranty.

Free of charge trial available. Free customization.

Scissors: MS-6001; MS-6003.

De Bakey Forceps: MF-7211; MF-7212; MF-7222; MF-7223.

Tying Forceps: MF-2312; MF-2313; MF-2332; MF-2333.

Needle Holders: H-6204; MH-3120; MH-3131.