Production Catalogue

Welcome to MT MEDI CORP!

MT MEDI CORP is one of Canada's suppliers of delicate surgical instruments for Micro, Cardiovascular, Vascular, Plastic, Reconstructive, Transplant, and Ophthalmic Surgeons.

MT MEDI CORP has experienced sales success since the company's inception in 2007. The company provides the highest quality titanium and stainless steel surgical instruments for hospitals, organizations and medical professionals around the globe.

To satisfy our customers completely, we offer:

-wide range of titanium surgical devices (over 800 instruments design)

-design, development, modification, and customization of surgical instruments

-the best price to quality ratio for titanium surgical instruments in Canada.

As medical technology continues to grow at a staggering pace, MT MEDI CORP will be there every step of the way providing you with new advancements that are smarter, faster and more efficient in the years to come.

We thank you for interest in our company.